The Internet Test Room

The Internet Test Room (ITR) is the perfect system if you need to administer exams, psychological tests or run surveys. It is the best option if you need a free open source solution. If needed you can purchase support from our professional partners.

The ITR is the perfect solution for exams in schools. The essay question type allows students to write their essays which you can later check and award points, based on the opinion of the teacher. So it is not just multiple choice! It is the red pencil, but in a modern form, and saves a lot of time since all multiple choice questions are scored automatically.

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Developing your tests and reports in the ITR is a straightforward process. You can even expand the system with your own question types. Plus if you need help there is always the option to get a support contract and get in touch with our experts that can advice you how to best build in the test or report you want.

The ITR system is really versatile. Whether you want a single page exam, or a psychological test with 15 scales, complex scoring and extensive norm tables, it can all be done easily. If you need to distribute a questionnaire among your staff to measure their opinions on HR performance issues, no problem ! With a little training you can build them in no time at all. I could even enter mathematical formulas into my exams.

Reporting on tests is support by an advanced narrative report writer with support for generating graphs. It is easy to get started with the report writer, but you could also do complex calculations, dynamically generate tables, set layout and colors depending on scores and many other options. Even our experts are frequently surprised by the advanced reports that you can build.

Writing a report is really easy ! You can simply use fields surrounded by %% signs from your test results. If you need a special text, which in our case started out as a standard placeholder for him/her then it is super easy to do. Support is great and helped us out to create our first report quickly.

The ITR has full import and export capabilities for test, report and test screen template definitions. So you can easily share your developments with other parties.

When I developed a test for a customer I could easily export the test definition and import it in the system of another customer. You need nothing more than a USB stick.

Do you need to support multiple departments on the same system, but are they not allowed to see eachothers data? Or are you a publisher who wants to sell his test to many customers? The ITR is full multi tenant from the ground up. Every tenant will get their own database. If you want to you could even grant a department access to their own database. The system is designed in such a way that sensitive information is not stored in a departments database. Nor passwords.

As a publisher I want a cost effective solution that is easy to manage, quick to setup and realiable to run. It should also support a lot of simultaneous sessions, and customers. Plus I should be able to charge customers for using my tests and reports. The ITR does all that. It exceeded my expectations.

The ITR is based on standard open source technology. We use javascript in the browser with well known open source libraries like bootstrap and jquery. Our back end REST API is powered by python using the flask framework. We use the postgresql as a backend database, which we feel is the most versatile, stable and production ready open source database system.